Last month Rick McInnes, a resident of Comox, brought in a lamp he had found in his father-in-law’s basement approximately ten years ago. The main body of the lamp was made from an old shell, and he wanted to know how to clean it so he could shine it up and use it for his son.

Rick pointed out that there were serial numbers, what looked like compass markings on the top of the shell and what was later determined to be proof marks.

We got out the magnifying glass and took a look. We found the model # and the year it was made: 1907. From that Len Phillips, WO Mike Barnucz and Jon Ambler were able to determine that the shell was a timed anti-personnel round used in WWI.

Most were completely destroyed when they exploded, but the piece that contained the timer and fuse would survive to be picked up as battlefield souvenirs.

Watch as Jon Ambler tells Rick about his shell.