As with all activities in our Museum, our Library depends on volunteers for its success – for us, the key person is Allison, our Librarian.



Allison was a member of the AFIS staff in the 1990s, then worked at 19 Wing Medical Centre. Since retirement from the Public Service of Canada, she has been a member of the library staff, spearheading the work needed to keep the book and photograph collections, along with the collection records, in excellent order. She is a wealth of knowledge about our collections and helps point all the volunteers, as well as our visitors, in the right direction as they approach her with research questions.  She is always gracious and makes time for all of us.






Dan works with Allison to sort newly purchased and donated books.  He chooses books that will be offered in the Gift Shop.  This process helps the Museum purchase new books to augment our collection.  Dan is also a member of the Photo Process team; he is the energy behind the massive collection of aircraft photos.









Carol is Team Leader for the Photo Process group.  She came to us with an arts and photography background as well as skills with infographics.  She has been instrumental in devising the system we follow with donated photographs.  In addition, she oversees the scanning of our logbooks, and helps work on research projects.








Val is a member of the Photo Process team.  She works with Carol to sort, number, file, and scan donated photos.  She also helps work on research projects.











Norm and Val can be found chatting in the Library about website postings.  You might recall a series of very popular posts Norm did about Battle of Britain Aces:  Pete Peterson, Henry Birkland, and Johnny Kent.  Norm also greets our visitors at the front desk; he enjoys showing them places of interest in the Main Gallery.






Gary greets our visitors on Tuesday mornings and enjoys sharing his favourite exhibits with them. On those days, he can also be found working on models for the Museum in the Library, but as you can see in this photo, he also works on them at home. He’s also written a number of website posts.  A couple of his most popular include: Nose Art and Did You Know the Air Force Had a Navy?





The Collections Management Committee meets regularly in the Library, as does the Collections Management Team.  Chaired by Mel, this group is tasked with accessioning and cataloguing donated items.  If you’d like to know a little more about the work done, please read CMC, What Did I Get Myself Into?  Volunteers who do this important work include Mel, Val, Carol, Rodney, Geoff, David, Gary W., Allison, and Miriam.




Our Programme Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, Jon, as well as our Deputy Director, Mike, often meet with volunteers in the Library.  They provide support for the volunteers as they complete their tasks.  They are appreciated!