The week of 21 -25 July was a very busy and productive week, due entirely to teamwork.

We had Don Smith in the house installing the new 443 (MH) Squadron display and designing the next set of upgrades, which include the Colwell Diary, WW1, ATC and the main event: Support to Air Operations.

Many thanks to the handymen, installers and advisors!

At the same time we had the Museum going full speed with visitors pouring in: Tuesday 69, Wednesday 84, Thursday 67 and 114 on Friday.

The front desk volunteers did a great job keeping everything running while work continued safely.  We hosted two visits of WW2 heroes: A Spitfire erk and a Spitfire pilot, both had wonderful visits. Our noble work!

The association had guys in the Air Park working on the upgraded Stones Display.

The book that contains all the data on our Air Park aircraft is almost ready, it will live on the Library table.

Our webpage kept the public up to date on all our activities.

Finally, the end of an era occurred on Saturday: Mike Forbes hosted the final Spitfire Tour, as only he could. Thanks!

We will now focus on moving some or all of the Vehicle and Aircraft Teams into B268, to join Irv, over the next six months.

Many thanks to all our volunteers that breathe such life into our Museum.