volunteer appreciation 2Last night was CAFM’s Volunteer Appreciation Night, a night where all the volunteers are thanked for their hard work and dedication with lots of laughter, nibbles, and plenty of wine! Sponsored by the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association (CVAFMA)  and hosted by the comedy duo of Jon Ambler and Capt. Lynn Barley, the volunteers were fed, watered, and light-heartedly mocked in the best Air Force tradition! (For those of you who don’t know what this tradition is-“If we don’t tease you mercilessly for any minor faux-pas you may make, you would think we don’t like you!” 🙂

volunteer appreciationvolunteer appreciation3It was a fabulous evening,with gag awards, a lifetime membership awarded to Marty Cunningham, and topped off by the announcement of this years “Spirit of the Volunteer” winner Mike Forbes, who was honoured for his dedication and long time service with the Museum.

From all the volunteers, a thank-you to the CVAFMA, Jon, Lynn, and Mike for putting on such a deeply appreciated event! Honestly, no one can anyone say they have more fun than we do -right Jon? I don’t think so!