Total No. of Visitors – 9,563


No. of Entries to Guest Book – 1968


Areas Visitors came from:

We had entries from every Province and Territory except New Brunswick and Nunavut.


USA – we had visitors from 13 States.

Illinois, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, Colorado, Florida, California, Columbia, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Alaska, Arizona


Overseas – visitors from 36 countries.



Brazil, Bermuda, Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean)

Chile, Channel Islands (UK), Czech Rep.

Denmark, Dubai

England, Eire


Greece, Germany

Hungary, Hong Kong


Mexico, Malaysia

Netherlands, N. Ireland, N.Korea, New Zealand

Poland, Philippines, Pakistan


  1. Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Scotland, Sweden

Taiwan, Thailand




How Did They Find Us –


Family/Friend                                    377

Driving By                              344

Internet                                   102

Brochure                                81

Other                                      118*

*Most of the “Other” category is accounted for by Cadets/Tour visitors

We had a family from Sooke who mentioned TV

                             from U.K. who said ‘magazine

                              from Washington who said AAA Tour Book

                              from Holland who mentioned book ‘Lonely Planet”

Bill Cuell, CVAFMA President