Tyko is back with more information about the RCAF Aerobatic Teams:


Sky Lancers

The Sky Lancers were another European-based team. They were based at the 2 (F) Wing, RCAF Station Grostenquin, France and flew the Canadair F-86 Sabre. The team was started in 1955 and performed 20 shows in the 1955 season. Unfortunately, a tragic accident occurred on 2 March 1956 in which 4 of the five pilots were killed in a flight manoeuvre. Consequently the RCAF banned aerial demonstration teams for several years.




The Fireballs were a Europe-based RCAF team from 1954 to 1956. The team operated all-red Canadair F-86 Sabres and participated in various shows across Europe. There all-red paint scheme did not last long, as a superior officer decided to take away the scheme due to the fact that people might mistake the team for communists.