IMG_2809In a recent post, one of our volunteers shared three books she discovered on our library shelves, all written by Amelia Earhart.  Did you know that Earhart started to develop an interest in flying while she volunteered as a nurse’s aide for the Red Cross?   She came to know many wounded pilots and her admiration for aviators grew.  She spent her free time watching the Royal Flying Corps practise on a nearby field.

When she was 23, she attended the Long Beach Air Show and happened to take a 10 minute plane ride…. she was hooked!  She was determined to learn to fly.  Her love for flight shows clearly in the three titles written by this famous aviatrix.  We invite you to come in and have a closer look at the three books written by this courageous, determined lady!  The books, along with other interesting information, will be on display for the next week in our Air Force Museum Library.