Among the new books we placed on our shelves are a few that focus on Canadians at War.  They cover a variety of experiences and a variety of times in military history.

The first is titled The Fighting Canadians.  It tells the story of our men and women at war through their personal experiences.  “I remember an RPG fly9ing) right over my head.  If I hadn’t stepped down in a ditch, it would have hit me in the face.” (Lt. Jeremy Hiltz Medusa, Sept. 3 ,2006)

Legacy of Valour is written by Daniel G. Dancocks.  “Passchendaele was one of the most controversial battles of the Great War of 1914 – 1918… In the face of overwhelming odds and a skilful, determined, and confident enemy, Canadian soldiers displayed remarkable courage and endurance in taking Passchendaele ridge from the Germans.”Afghanistan

When Your Number’s Up shows a “… more rounded picture of the Canadian soldier’s experience…” in the First World War.  Written by Desmond Morton, it includes chapters on training for war, trench warfare, and prisoners of war among its topics.

Award winner Chris Lambie is the author of On Assignment in Afghanistan, Maritimers at War.  This newspaper reporter from Halifax celebrates his fellow Maritimers who served in the Afghan  War.  The photographs by Christian Laforce, another award winner, complement the text.  The book addresses service and sacrifices, and also includes personal stories.

Please come in and have a closer look at these and other books we have in our collection!