The world came to our door in 2016!  We’d like to share information about the many visits we had during 2016.  Bill, our Association’s Past President, compiled an interesting report for us.

Our Guest Book is a great source of information as to who visits us and where they come from.  Last year we had 10,956 recorded visitors to the museum.  As before, they were happy to give us their comments. Some of them follow:




“Belle and Bonne.”

“Excellent displays.”

“Absolutely wonderful and fascinating.”

“Very nice. I learnt a lot.”

“Brought back many memories.”

“Best Nuke Ever!!!”

“Great for kids and adults.”

“A great museum. So glad you have school kids learning about history.”

“WOW! Very Cool.”

“So much information. Even I learned a lot.”

“Very commendable and Great Stuff.”

“Kids loved looking and learning.”

“Wonderful collection. Very informative. Nice counter fellows.”

“Wow. Such history. Loved the flight simulator.”

“Amazing museum. Well designed and executed.”

“Bravo, Bel Accueil. Merci.”

“Best part was seeing actual notes/diaries. Very moving.”

“One of the best Air Museum we have seen.”

“Great to see the spirit of the 407th alive and well. My grandfather would have been proud.”

“Very commendable and Great Staff.”

“Excellent. Thanks Canada.” (from Dutch visitors).


Our visitors came from all around Canada and 33 countries around the globe.

Canada – B.C. – ALB –  SASK – MAN – ONT – QUE – NFL – N.S. – N.B. – YUKON

U.S.A. – Alabama – Arizona – California – Colorado – Georgia – Illinois – Indiana – Idaho – New Mexico – Nth. Dakota – Ohio – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Texas – Wisconsin – Washington.

Rest of The World. Australia – Austria – Belgium – Brazil – Bermuda – Denmark – England – Eire – France – Germany – Hong Kong – Indonesia – Italy – Japan – Kenya – Mexico – Nth. Ireland – Norway – Netherlands – New Zealand – Switzerland – Scotland – Sri Lanka – Sth. Africa – Sth. Korea – Sweden – Poland – Paraguay – Taiwan – Turks and Caicos – Venezuela.

** On behalf of the Museum, we’d like to invite you to join the rest “of the world” and come in for a visit!  Our volunteers love to welcome you and to spend time with you! **