Mike has volunteered with the Museum for the past 25 years and was recently recognized for his many contributions.  He says that, “One of the reasons that I volunteer at the Museum is the people who you get to work with.  First they all want to be there.  And you get to work with a group of people who have lived and worked a lifetime and are willing to share their knowledge freely.

But the best reason is that I have never worked with most of these people before and so they have never heard my stories before.  So I get to relive my past once again with a whole new audience.  And I can embellish wherever I want and won’t get called out on it.  At least not to my face anyway.”






David is one of those people Mike gets to tell those stories to! David says, “I had no idea that I would volunteer for anything again after I finished working.  When I worked I volunteered to help at many events.  The one that meant the most was for the United Way; we were able to pick where money collected would go.  We chose the Children’s Hospital.  We took our mascot, which at the time was our Christmas bear.  The fellow who wore the costume was great; he put many smiles on little people’s faces, not something you forget.

When we moved here, we went to the Museum to look for Val’s Dad’s information.  After a bit, we were asked whether we might like to join the Museum as volunteers.  I could not see myself having much to offer, but as it turned out, I did.  This was because others opened and offered opportunities, were willing to listen and take a chance, for which I am very grateful.

You never know where one door closes and another one opens… what you will find.  You just need to be willing to open the door!  I appreciate all those who made me feel welcome.  It’s no small thing.”