This is Gary.  Gary volunteers in the Gift Shop Tuesdays and Fridays; he enjoys his time with our visitors and often finds he has connections with many of them!  For Gary, “Volunteering is supporting the Air Force Museum in various ways.  I enjoy greeting people and sharing some of my experiences in my 25 years in the Air Force.

I even enjoy cleaning up weeds in the Air Park and Museum parking lot in the summer.

However, I believe the biggest value is the fact that being away from home two days a week is of great value to my wife!”





Mike explains that for him, “Volunteering at the Comox Air Force Museum satisfies two complementary goals.

One is that it gives me access to probably the best military aviation library in the province, if not western Canada, allowing me to pursue historical research into WWI and WWII combat aircraft.  This is for a hobby, and not to produce any significant historical products.

The second comes from a career-long interest in marking and preserving historical events within the Canadian military.  Over 36 years in the Canadian Forces, I had been associated with military museums across the country in various voluntary and official capacities.  I get to continue that effort with this outstanding museum.

Volunteering at the museum lets me fulfill both goals; on so many levels, it would be difficult not to be a part of this endeavor.  I have a weekly opportunity to share my love for military aviation with fellow association members, and with aviation enthusiasts from the local community, the island, province, country, and from around the world.  I learn a lot, and share as much, every time I interact with people at the museum.”