Have you seen Geoff’s paintings on the front of our Museum building?  Geoff says, “People volunteer because they are enthusiastic about and enjoy what they have volunteered for.  Volunteering keeps retired people involved and among like-minded souls, very important for retirees.  Often the work involved wouldn’t get done at all if it wasn’t for free labour.”





Gary enjoys greeting visitors on Tuesday mornings and is a regular contributor to our website.  He explains that, “The funny thing is, I don’t consider what I do as volunteering!  Five years ago I was given the opportunity to become a part of the team at the Comox Air Force Museum that is dedicated to bring the history and stories of everyday people to light.

I get to meet and greet people from all over the world.  I help build models for our displays and sometimes I’m lucky enough to publish a short story on our website.

The reason I don’t consider this as volunteering is because I get much more in return than the effort I put forth.  Every Tuesday I get to spend the morning with the other volunteers who I now count as friends.  Because of my models and stories, I know that in some small way I get to leave a small legacy.  I think my main achievement is that I get to meet different people and hopefully improve their days by making them smile or more importantly listen to them tell stories about family and friends who served our country with pride.  I sometimes make them laugh.

What I do each week of course is volunteer, but, what I think I do is accept a great gift that gives me way more than what I put out.  Please, if you have an interest in anything, try to find a place that could benefit from an hour or two of your time.  You will be amazed at what you get back in return!”