As we come to the end of National Volunteer Week, I think it appropriate to conclude with the reflections of our Comox Air Force Museum Volunteer Coordinator, Jon Ambler.

” Volunteers are an increasingly important element of the Canadian workforce in general; at the Comox Air Force Museum, however, they are absolutely essential.  Our volunteers bring a wealth of life experience, diverse skills, enthusiasm for the task at hand, a strong teamwork ethos and dedication.  There is no element of Comox Air Force Museum operations not touched by our volunteers; in fact many areas such as the Library, Heritage Team, Association Board, and Collections Management are done 100% by volunteers.  Most importantly, we know the quality of our visitors’ experience can only be as good as the volunteers who interact with them.  I am proud to say, this is an area where we shine!

Our volunteers give so much; but what do they get?  They can, and do, take great pride in the fact that they are preserving and celebrating Canadian military aviation history, our noble work!  They get the opportunity to showcase their hard-won skills and knowledge, contribute to our ongoing development, and learn new things as they go.  They get to work in a collegial, positive and supportive social setting.  Finally, they know they are appreciated by staff and visitors alike.

I can’t say it too often ~ to each and every Comox Air Force Museum volunteer, thank you, thank you, thank you!”