Tom enjoys greeting visitor Thursdays; it’s not uncommon for him to find a connection with someone from his military past.  “Volunteering started after my military career.  I spent a lot of time (10 years volunteering) repairing plumbing, installing locks and safety bars in seniors’ homes in the town I originally retired in.  We volunteered at a senior lodge during the labour problems and cleared lots of sidewalks for our older folks.  It was satisfying to give back.

On moving to Comox 15 years ago, the warm welcome I received from Allison and Bob Richter made volunteering at the museum a great fit.  I have enjoyed the people I work with and continue to enjoy the fact I can still get out and greet guests and hopefully enhance their museum experience.  The fact that all the experts claim the many benefits volunteering have in promoting a long healthy life and reduces stress really doesn’t come into my decision to give a little of my time to something I enjoy.

The friends I made working here make every minute worthwhile.  We, as you know, enjoy a morning coffee break there every Saturday morning!  It will be a sad day if I couldn’t get in for my Thursday duty!



Jed works in the Gift Shop and greets guests Fridays.  “I have only really volunteered for a couple of organizations, the past being two Pipe Bands, but most recently with the Comox Air Force Museum.  Pipe Band members connect in a type of family manner with the bond being the playing of pipe band music.

But since then, I joined the Comox Air Force Museum, made up of men and women, some serving, some retired members of our military and some civilians who have a passion for aircraft.  This collection of people to me are the backbone of the museum’s success; although there are many projects on the go, the members who undertake these tasks are unwavering in their desire to get the job done, and everyone who wants to help is encouraged to do so by all the members.  You do not have to have a major understanding of what the project is, just your willingness to volunteer your time is all that is needed.

The volunteer spirit within the members of the museum family is alive and well.  Although our main theme is history, we have recently had members of our museum family suffer some personal losses, and it is then that you see the members of the museum family truly show the spirit of the volunteer; they pull together as one, to help overcome.

Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, and colours.  Although they do not all share the same interests, they all share the same desire, and that is to provide their time for free with no expectations, but to VOLUNTEER!