Meet Mel, our Collections Management Chairperson. He reflects on the fact that, “For some people now faced with retirement, they realize that their work has been their identity.  In some cases this was a measure of their self-worth and that their workmates were their only social contact.  This has left those who retire without hobbies or projects with a huge void to fill in their life.

Ask any recent Retiree, ‘How’s retirement?’  The likely response will be, ‘Don’t miss the work but sure miss the people.’  The follow up question should then be, ‘Have you considered volunteering?’

Finding the opportunity to volunteer for the right cause or organization might just be the answer to what is now missing from your previous life.

Those who have approached the Comox Air Force Museum with the idea of volunteering their time have been amazed at the diverse needs of the Museum and the range of opportunities there to fulfill one’s interests.

The Volunteers enjoy great leadership and support from an appreciative Directing Staff.  Each volunteer is encouraged to find their own niche or best fit as they become part of the Museum Family working individually or as part of a team.

The core group of volunteers is as diverse as the tasks needing done.  Dentist to Diesel Mechanic, Cook to Carpenter, all contribute to make things interesting and entertaining while fulfilling the operational requirements of a constantly evolving Museum.  They contribute as mush of their time as they wish, doing for the Museum the tasks that interest them the most. There is a need and great value to the work being done.  There is the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of providing a great Museum Experience for an often surprised visitor.”





Carol “started off volunteering a couple of hours a week with my kids when we moved back into the community after 5 years away.  Since then my involvement in the museum has grown and I am now on the Board, volunteer in the library in photo processing and am a member of the collections management team.  My experiences at the museum have inspired me to register in the Collections Management Certificate program at UVic of which I am now taking my first of four required courses.  Volunteering at the museum has given me so much.  I have gained friendship, laughter, new experiences and skills.  It has been a place to go where a common interest brings us together to be a part of something bigger.  The museum family has embraced my family during a time of transition and the experience of volunteering has very much enriched mine and my family’s life.”