The RCAF Band, a group of 35 full time professional musicians, routinely perform throughout Canada.  Comprised of a variety of groups and ensembles, the role of the Band is to provide musical support to the Canadian Forces, all levels of government, as well as to a variety of public functions.  Further, the Band represents Canada and Canadian Forces globally: military and public parades, ceremonial occasions, international tattoos, public and school concerts, official dinners, dances and receptions…

2009 saw an extensive musical restructuring that enhanced its repertoire and relevance so as to appeal to a wider audience.  The Band demonstrates its versatility now with ~


Jet Stream (Show Band)


JetLiners (Jazz Big Band)


The Clarinet Quartet


Command Brass (Brass Quintet)


Spitfire Kings (Show Tour)



Captain Matthew Clark, CD


Based out of 17 Wing, Winnipeg, the Band is presently under the command of Captain Matthew Clark, CD.






The RCAF Band had its beginning in 1946; Carl Friberg, a wartime bandmaster who was working as a public relations representative in Vancouver, was transferred to Winnipeg.  He was invited to form a professional band for the RCAF No. 2 Training Command.  By the following year, the 30 piece band was operational and was transferred to Edmonton as the North West Air Command Band.  Their first high profile engagement was to accompany the Governor General, Viscount Alexander on his 1948 tour of western Canada.

As it evolved, the Band became known as the “Air Command Band”, and in 2009, it was modified to fit the demands of the time.  The focus was on smaller ensembles and a contemporary sound.  In 2011, the band was once again renamed, this time as the “Royal Canadian Air Force Band”.

Earlier this year, an RCAF contingent went to the United Kingdom to participate as Guards for the Queen.  Members of the RCAF Band also participated.  You might enjoy viewing the following: