Geoff, one of our volunteers, is an avid fan of the Illustrated London News, a popular exhibit in our Museum.  In this post, he shares some background information with us:




“The Comox Air Force Museum possesses a nearly complete collection of the Illustrated London News from early 1914 until the Armistice in 1918. Each weekly issue (from 100 years ago ) has been displayed for the museum visitors to catch up on the “latest news from the front”.

The ILN, the brainchild of Herbert Ingram, was first published in 1842. It capitalized on revealing the news through illustrations and, later, through photographs that were commissioned from newsgatherers from around the world. Before the Great War, the social pages were dominated by the upper classes and nobility. This all changed abruptly at the beginning of August 1914 and the magazine became almost completely absorbed with the war.

The wonderful eye-witness sketches, illustrations and photographs that were published each week are a testament to the foresight of Herbert Ingram. Illustrations aside, the dialogues that accompany them are generally uncritical of the conduct of the war, and the descriptions of conditions in the trenches are not overly abundant. This was an excellent organ for the government to keep the population calm and confident. Little is said, however, about the life and conditions of the rank and file on the Home Front.

The ILN ceased publication in 2004 after 162 years.


October 19, 1918



October 19, 1918


Museum staff are always happy to welcome visitors. Besides the gallery there is an excellent reference library and a gift shop. So please visit us and enjoy the Illustrated London News personally. “