The CF-18 Demo Team arrives in the Comox Valley today for their yearly spring practice sessions.   We always look forward to seeing the new design.

The CF-18 Team reports: The design incorporates, “…elements from NORAD’s logo – lightning bolts, a north pointing sword, the globe, and silver stylized wings that evoke both the northern lights and radar sweeps.  Taken together, the motif is undeniably symbolic of NORAD’s ongoing commitment to the protection and defence of North American airspace, and the RCAF’s role in guaranteeing Canadian sovereignty.

The CF-18 Demo Team is looking forward to showcasing 60 years of Canada and the United States sharing ‘the watch’ through NORAD.

Design collaboration – Jeff Chester – Artist Belliveau Art & Design”

We’re looking forward to seeing the CF-18 itself, but in the meantime, check out the design!