COMPACT FRONTFrom No. 2 Air Command to the Comox Air Force Museum ~

When we receive an artifact, we like to look at the history and story behind it.  So when this compact arrived at our museum, we tried to discover its story.  We know that the compact was presented to LAW (Leading Aircraftwoman) E. B. Dubois following her service with No. 2 Air Command Headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We think she likely held a clerical position there.

Somehow over time, the compact ended up at BCIT (BC Institute for Technology).  They searched but were unable to find its owner, and knowing the work we do, wondered if we would like to have it.  And so ~ the compact came to us.

But we’re curious!  Who was LAW Dubois?  What exactly did she do at No. 2 Air Command?  Was the compact given to her because she retired?  Or was she transferred?

How did the compact get to BCIT?  Did Dubois pass it on to a relative who lives on the west coast?  Did the owner of the compact lose it on the BCIT campus?  Was the owner a student or a visitor?COMPACT BACK

If you can help solve “The Case of the Curious Compact”, please get in touch with us.  We’d love to solve the mystery!