IMG_3169Our Gift Shop Manager has recently retired from his position.  An aviation enthusiast, Ken Oxley certainly taught many of us, Gift Shop volunteers and Museum visitors alike, about the various aircraft.  When questions came our way, we could always ask, “Ken, could you help us with this?”  and he would readily step away from his own work to share his knowledge.  A good and patient teacher, he helped the new Gift Shop volunteers find their way and offered opportunities to learn more about the operations of the shop.

On September 14th, at our Information Session, Ken was honoured by the Museum Association for his many contributions since he began volunteering in 2003.  Jon Ambler spoke of Ken’s work in preparing for the Air Show, the purchasing he did to create a great selection of hats, Tshirts, and pins for the Museum tent.  The president of the Association, Bill Cuell, talked about the many years of service and then presented Ken with a letter indicating that a Heritage Stone was going to be made to celebrate his ongoing commitments to the Museum.  It will be added to the display in the Heritage Air Park.  KEN AND BILL

Thank you, Ken, for your years of dedication and service!  We wish you all the best and hope you’ll visit us frequently!