As a result of the huge positive response to the “Spitfire Fever!” series, we thought you might like to read the following Totem Times article:


During the Y2K Homecoming Celebration on August 8, two components of RCAF history took centre stage: Stocky Edwards and the Spitfire.

The crowd was gathered to honour both, and the proceeds would establish the Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust Fund (SELTF).

In announcing the Legacy Trust, Jon Ambler set the tone: “The great poet Robert Service wrote: “A promise made is a debt unpaid”; and every time someone donated money the promise was “Y2K will fly again.” Tonight I am proud to say that our promise has been kept; that our debt is paid.”

In fact, the crowd was treated to the startup of the Y2K Spitfire – thrilling proof of the debt paid.

“It is right and it is good that we reflect and honour our history, but that is the past. It is my role tonight to speak about the future, Canada’s future, our future as an aviation nation.”

Ambler went on to share the impetus of Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust Fund, whose mission is to support, assist, promote, and further the education of Canadians in matters relating to aviation, with a focus on Canadian youth, especially those enrolled in air cadet programs.

“We are going to leverage funds generated from celebrating our past to create a method to assist young Canadians get started in aviation careers, thus securing the future.”

The Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust is properly established under Canadian law, with a specific focus on CRA and other regulations covering charitable organizations. AstronautCol (ret’d) Chris A. Hadfield is the Patron.

“A former air cadet, military fighter pilot, astronaut and current lecturer on leadership and motivation, Chris is an exemplary role model for young Canadians wishing to pursue their dreams.”

“It is the Stocky Edwards Legacy Fund, and to enable us to stay true to Stocky’s desire, his son Jim has kindly agreed to serve as an advisor to the board.”

The Legacy Trust is managed by a board of directors currently comprised of four retired air force colonels: Jon Ambler, Jim Benninger, Terry Chester and Ted Gibbon.

“The Trust Fund will annually disburse funds to deserving young Canadians who have demonstrated, by performance and attitude, a desire to succeed in an aviation career. These awards will occur at the local, regional and national level. Whilst the emphasis is on air cadets, all young Canadians aspiring to a career in aviation will be considered.”

Donations to the Stocky Edwards Legacy Trust will qualify for a tax receipt and can be made through the Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA), coordinated through the board of directors, or online.