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First up, the first in a new series for us, Introducing Al Wilson, Cartoonist.  He worked at the Totem Times for part of his career, and his cartoons are enjoyed by many of our readers!  We publish two of his cartoons each month.




Next, From Our Main Gallery – Japanese Paper Balloon Bombs.  This was written by one of our volunteers, Gary, who works in the Gift Shop on Tuesday mornings.  Gary loves to be at the Museum and is writing a series of “From Our Main Gallery” pieces for us.  Another popular one he wrote is about medals.  We received some good responses to this one as it helped folks identify some medals they had!  Thanks for all your work, Gary!



Our readers love to learn about what’s going on in the Heritage Air Park and the work our volunteers are doing in Hangar 268, located there.  The progress made on the Dakota Maintenance was a hit!  And Keith did an amazing job organizing the aircraft technical maintenance manuals, work appreciated by base personnel as well.





“THE SEVEN DWARFS” ~ designed for the No. 15 SFTS by Disney


The “Now in Our Library” series has been created to share some of the books we have in our over 8500 volume collection as well as to help our readers learn about a variety of topics.  The table display in the Library and its connected website posts have included Aviation Art and POWs.  And be sure to read Don’s “Escape and Evasion”.




Mel, a member of our Archives Team, wrote some pieces for “From Our Archives”.  The most recent, Vincent and Mosley Irvin Jacket is one of my favourites, as I’ve seen the jacket first hand.  I’ve also seen the souvenir belts.  We have a wonderful collection and are always happy to receive donations to the Museum!



And we know that you all love to learn more about us, the volunteers at the Museum! Veterans Week and Remembrance Day are important times for us.  Lest We Forget was well received.  You also enjoyed reading about our Volunteer Recognition Celebration.