IMG_1074I had the opportunity to help judge at the School District’s Heritage Fair on April 5th.  Approximately 135 students representing Arden, Aspen, Royston, and Brooklyn Elementary Schools, as well as Navigate School and Highland Secondary School, shared their work with us.  The top 50 students in Grades 4 – 9 are eligible to represent the district at the regional fair in Port Alberni.  In addition, many awards were offered: Wing Commander’s Shield, School District 71 Award for Excellence, 888(Komox) RCAF Wing Bursary, Vintage Wings of Canada Military Heritage Award, North Island College Credit Prizes, Aboriginal Recognition Awards, Soroptimists International Awards, Francophone Association Prize Package, Navy League Award, The MLA Award, Air Force Recognition Awards, Ron Bannerman Memorial Medals, and a Health and Wellness Award.

I was incredibly taken by the variety of topics covered!  Did you know that there is a War Memorial for Animals in Ottawa?  Do you know about the history of lace making and that there are clubs to preserve the skill?  Are you aware that it was a woman, Elsie MacGill, who was behind the design of the Hawker?  Do you know how important beekeeping is to our sustainability?  The students I had the opportunity to meet taught me a lot, not only about their topics of choice, but also about the research process they undertook.  Many of the students started with Inquiry Questions and kept Learning Logs or Journals to document their work ~ this on top of the work itself!  Students interviewed family members and friends to get background information, researched using the internet and books.

The next time the Heritage Fair takes place, make time to visit!  Meet some wonderful young people and celebrate their enthusiasm and knowledge!