F/O Lyle James. Lancaster Pilot.  Lyle flew a record 32 missions in 90 days over enemy territory.

F/O Alan Early DFC.  Saved his crew crash landing his B24 on Sable Island.

F/O George Clark.  Lancaster Bomber.  Killed in action November 30, 1944.

P/O Raymond Adams.  Killed in Action.  December 20, 1944.  Age 20 years.

F/O Edward Brian.  Killed in Action.  Night raid over Belgium.  Age 27 years.

P/O Robert Chapman.  Killed in Action.  Shot down during night raid over Germany.  Age 21 years.

F/Sgt Joseph Deschamps.  Killed in Action.  Shot down over English Channel.  Buried in Dieppe.  Age 23.

P/O George Matuszewski.  Lancaster Bomber.  Shot down by German jet fighter.  No known grave.  Age 19.

AG Alphonse Ouellette.  Wellington Bomber.  Lost over Egypt.  Never found. Age 20 years.

F/O John Zwina. S.O.E.  Failed to return from S.O.E. drop.  Now known grave.  Age 24 years.