We have the propeller from a B-24 Liberator aircraft that crashed near Comox during the war.  Liberators were based at No. 5 OTU (Operational Training Unit) in Patrica Bay and hunted enemy submarines off the coast.  Additionally many Liberator air crews were trained there to fly in South East Asia during the war.

The propeller had been painted black, covering much of the damage.  In the video René is carefully removing the paint to show the damage as it would have appeared post crash.  The green tape is used to ensure the paint wasn’t stripped anywhere it shouldn’t have been.  Then the propeller was mounted onto a freshly prepared base plate for display at the entrance to building 268 located at the CAFM Air Park.

Here it is proudly on display at the entrance to 268.

Note on the other side of the entrance sidewalk there is a buoy we have refurbished that used to moor our historic West Coast seaplanes: Stranraer, Catalina and Albatross.

The impact damage from the crash is visible as the natural aluminum colour showing against the black propeller paint colour.