new cafm logoJon Ambler continued with the Comox Air Force Museum’s Outreach program by delivering a lecture on the Cold War to the Mark Isfeld Grade 12 History class.

Along with Jon, L.Col Chris Bowen, who has a son in this class, attended.

I was able to join them and listen to a truly fascinating explanation of the causes and effects of 20th Century geopolitics.

The lecture began at 1914 and ended at the 2000’s and L.Col Bowen was able to give the kids an idea of the realities of the Cold War by explaining a little of how he and Jon spent their careers patroling the seas looking for Russian submarines with nuclear capabilities.

The lesson I came away with (and one I hope resonated with this wonderful class) was that the choices we make as a society during conflict must be informed not only by our history, but the histories of the other nations involved.

A big Thank You to Chantel Parsons and the Grade 12 History class for the invitation and warm welcome!

You can hear Jon’s lecture on the Cold War by touring the museum when Jon is there. Just ask!