The Library’s centrepiece is the table you see as you enter the room!  “The table is unique in that it was built for the Museum using beams salvaged from the deconstruction of Hangar #1. Larry Toovey kindly donated his time, tools and skill to construct this table to preserve a piece of 19 Wing’s Heritage.

The story behind the beams makes the table even more unique. The beams were some of many hundreds used for the construction of hangars across Canada built in support of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The beams were cut in the early 1940s from old-growth Douglas Fir from British Columbia’s forests. The trees that provided the beams for Hangar #1 were at least 150 years old at the time.

The Museum is proud to display such a beautiful and unique piece and is very grateful to Larry for building it for us.” (credit David Stinson and Allison Hetman).


Along the way, it gets some special loving care to keep it in good repair:







The table is a gathering place for Museum meetings, volunteer committee meetings, volunteer special events, school presentations, and tour groups. It is the gathering spot for our air cadet groups.  It is the work table for those of us who volunteer in the Library.  It is the work table for those who come to do some research.  It is indeed a special spot!



In my next post, I’ll introduce you to some of the volunteers who work in the Library.