We have the most amazing Heritage Team!  These men gather at least twice a week, and presently are working to maintain the Dakota that’s in our Heritage Air Park.  The “Dak” as it’s usually referred to, has needed lots of attention.

Along with other maintenance, the team has been converting fabric to metal on the control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, horizontal stabilizers) to give long life.  Fabric is only lasting a few years; metal will last the life of the display, needing only paint.

Kevin, the Team Leader, shared some photos with us:

The 1944 Chevrolet 3 Ton CMP

The 1944 Chevrolet 3 Ton CMP


The Museum CMP is a model C60L Stake Truck which was manufactured on April 7, 1944.  Our Team uses it to take the needed items out to the Dak…




The 1944 Chevrolet 3 Ton CMP

The 1944 Chevrolet 3 Ton CMP




… as well as to provide the needed elevation to make work easier and safer.







Hard at work …


































Kevin saved the best for last.  He reports that these show “the first sighting of clean work areas in Building 268.  Either a sign of progress or aliens have replaced my team!”  Hmmm… what do you think?