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The Main Gallery- West Coast Aviation History.


Our self-guided tour begins at the dawn of Military Aviation in WWI, loops through WWII, Korea, the Cold War and United Nations Peacekeeping before reaching our Squadron section. Try out our CF-101 Voodoo ejection seat and get an up close and personal view of an Argus Wright 3350, 18 cylinder engine, then have a seat in our viewing lounge to watch a DVD from our collection.

Copy of DSC_4202Heritage Aircraft

Everything you wanted to know about the aircraft flown at 19 Wing Comox!

Guide to the Heritage Air Park  PDF

19 Wing Comox Heritage Vehicle Display

CAFM’s Heritage Vehicles are currently on display in the newly renovated Building 268. To view, please call us at 250- 339-8162 or check in at the Gift Shop, as maintenance for these vehicles is ongoing.

The Heritage Vehicles can be seen in parades and events around the Comox Valley.

References/Further ReadingReferences/Further Reading

All references are from the “Canada Weapons of War” series:

  • M38A1 ¼ Ton Truck in Canadian Service by Andrew Iarocci
  • The WWII Jeep in Canadian Service by Eric Booth
  • The ¾ Ton SMP Truck in Canadian Service by Andrew Iarocci


Many people may not know that Building 268 at the Heritage Air Park is home to three vintage vehicles.  One of them is the 1954 Dodge Ambulance.  As with all old vehicles, finding people with the required skills to maintain them can be challenging.  The Ambulance has...

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In past posts, I have given general overviews on various topics. This was done in hopes that if a topic is found interesting, this encourages the reader to then look into topics much more closely.  However, my last post on how allied airborne troops came about during...

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