WWI-Era Aviator Goggles

WWI-Era Aviator Goggles

Hi all,

Today was supposed to have been a tour of Trenton and the National Aviation Museum, but unfortunately I missed the bus. Capt. Barley and Don Manley have gone so I will have to get the report secondhand.

Yesterday was amazing! After all the meetings were concluded, we were off to the Royal Military College to hear a lecture by Dr. Brian Osborne, a former professor emeritus of history and geography at Queen’s University here in Kingston. His talk, entitled “What was so Great about the First World War?” was expertly delivered and extremely thought provoking. Sitting there, listening to his silky British voice, watching images from the First War, and surrounded by the icons in the historic Currie Hall, it was easy to¬†imagine myself sitting there with other young recruits from the First World War.

We had a short memorial for those who are no longer with us delivered with wit and humour by an ex-padre whose last posting was at the college, and then we walked over to tour the grounds of Fort Frederick and the RMC Museum, located in the Martello Tower.

From the tower you can see the other Martello Towers located along the mouth of the St. Lawrence and it’s possible to see how well defended we were, although they were built after the War of 1812 was over. According to our guide, it was one of the reasons the Americans didn’t try again.Then we were off to the meet and greet at the Officer’s Mess, another gorgeous building. In the lounge with it’s leather couches, paneled walls, and red carpeting, it was to again have me imagining young handsome recruits in red and grey-green lounging with drinks, swords glinting at their sides.

After cocktails and nibbles, the Captain and I, tired from the long trip the day before said our good-byes, and hopped into a cab with two other gentlemen from the conference ( both from BC as well) who had been kind enough to let us share the ride to the hotel.

With such an overwhelming day, I hope that I’m forgiven for sleeping in!

Corrine Bainard from OMMC