Bryant Patrol TunicHi all,

Just a short post today, as it was an extremely long day of lectures. We started out with a briefing about Op Distinction, the governments plan to honour major anniversaries of historical events. It began in 2012 with the celebration of the start of the War of 1812 and will continue to plan events for such historic anniversaries such as the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the centenary of WWI and several Regimental anniversaries, and will continue until 2021. It is a massive undertaking.

After the brief we went on to the main component of the conference- a lecture by Terry Quinlan, Professor of Applied Museum Studies, Algonquin College, Ottawa on Conservation practices. Topics included What is a Conservator,Conservation Ethics, Storage of Culturally Significant Collections, preventative maintenance programs, and Integrated Pest Control Strategies. Let me just say that we will all be on the lookout for these collection destroying pests! The topics were very informative, professionally delivered but with great humour- the professor is a riot!

After the lecture, the annual Don Manley History Quiz made us all look foolish. Even worse was the announcement that this was Don’s last year as Director at Large at OMMC- an announcement that disappointed most in the room.

Tomorrow is the hands on conservation practicum. I don’t want to miss out on that so I’m going to bed early tonight!!!

– Corrine Bainard, volunteer