JpegHi all,

Day four was a lot of fun. After breakfast we heard a presentation from the Museum of the Manitoba Military History Society entitled ” How to Start a Museum in a Bar!” given by Bruce Tascona. As the title suggests, their museum is located on the second floor of the St. Boniface Legion in Winnepeg. It was a great example of how a small museum can thrive with the right partnerships, a little ingenuity, and by bringing the museum to the community.

The second half of the day was spent in practicum. Hands on training!! The kind of stuff I’ve been waiting for!!!! Three very expert former students of our lecturer Terry Quinlan taught us how to make a Sling Mount for photos, a padded Sling Mount for 2-D textiles, and an Envelope case made out of acid free manila bond for fragile photographs. The first two were fairly easy to understand but the math on the last one just about did me in. I eventually figured it out, which makes me feel a little less like a dunderhead!

We had one final lecture on the” Storage and Display of Metals-Dessicants and Sorbents” from Professor Terry- again a riot!- and we are now freshening up to go to the Mess Dinner at the RMCC Senior Staff Mess.

Tomorrow we visit the Military Communications and Electronics Museum at CFB Kingston where we will tour the museum and hear a presentation on the Wall of Remembrance Project. After that we have the course critique at the Vimy Officer’s Mess, have lunch and the official 2014 OMMC will be over.

Corrine Bainard- CAFM Volunteer