IMG_1502“CARRYING THE TOOLS TO BRITAIN” was a board game that was published in the early 1940s here in Canada.  On the game itself, it’s described as an educational game designed by the CBC (Radio) to help listeners “better visualize the mobilization of this country’s vast resources in the gigantic war effort in which we are now engaged.  Its purpose is also to show the problems associated with the transporting of munitions and supplies of all kinds to Great Britain.

The part which Canada is playing in the whole war, and in the crucial Battle of the Atlantic in particular, will undoubtedly be better appreciated by both young and old after playing this game and digesting some of the information contained here.”

It goes on to explain that “during 1942 and every year until the war ends, immense sums of money will be required to extend and pursue the war – money that must be raised by taxation and by borrowing from every possible citizen.  Below are set out a few salient facts regarding these requirements and the purposes for which these sums will be spent in furthering the mighty crescendo of mass production to which Canadians are now bending their efforts.”

The first section describes why the money will be needed:

“WHY CANADA NEEDS YOUR MONEY – Canada will spend for War in the fiscal year (1941-2) including financial aid to Britain, $2,183,000,000.  That is more than Canada’s total expenditure during four years of the First Great War!

  • Out of every $1.00 that Canadians earn in 1942, more than 40 cents will go for war.  We shall spend (apart from aid to Britain) at the rate of $4,000,000 a day.
  • Canada is spending about five times as much in the present fiscal year as it spent in the last full fiscal year before the war.
  • Five times as many people as before the war are paying five times as much in income taxes of all kinds.
  • Married persons with incomes from $3,000 to $10,000 a year are paying from eleven to four times as much in income taxes as before the war.
  • The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan will cost Canada in the first three years of its operation a sum of money equal to the total collected in taxes by the Dominion Government in a normal peace-time year. ” IMG_5816