NOAH TREMBLAY (photo: Veterans Affairs Canada)



This is Noah Tremblay, shown in the photo during the dedication of a new memorial.  Noah was the driving force behind the creation of a special monument dedicated to the animals that helped people in times of war, conflict and peace.

The idea began with the project he did for a school heritage fair.  Soon it became his mission to raise enough money to build a monument.  He collected donations, sold beeswax lip balm, and sold raffle tickets.

Noah also designed the memorial that was erected in 2012; it’s made of granite and is dedicated “in memory of all animals and handlers who served in our military and police forces.”  The names of the animals and their handlers are also inscribed on it.  The Memorial to Forgotten Heroes is located in Veterans Memorial Park, Bass River, Nova Scotia.

Noah’s work prompted me to share some of the stories of courageous animals who served during times of war.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading the next series of posts.

Credit for all information to Veterans Affairs Canada.