We love Museum Moments at CAFM!

The first day we were open after our Library reno, our first visitors, a lady named Barb Neil along with her husband walked into our Main Gallery and discovered her father, Robert Stewart William Neil, in a large cut-out display of airmen at Comox in 1944/45. The photo had been chosen at random as a representation of the airmen serving at Comox. The photo had no names attached so we had no way of identifying any of the men, but Barb recognized him right away!

Robert Neil was born in 1920, and was approximately 20 years old at the time the photo was taken. He hadn’t yet married, and had recently broken his arm falling off the wing of an aircraft. The base was close to closing, many men were taking their release and shortly after his arm was treated he was released from service.

We call these Museum Moments because we never now what will happen on any given day and because we love when our museum puts people in touch with part of their personal histories.

Corrine, CAFM volunteer