Brian O’Cain has added six new books to the Library’s collection! New titles include:

DSC_0068Fire by Night by Jennie Gray. Dramatic story of one Pathfinder crew and Black Thursday 16-17 December 1943





DSC_0067Night Madness by Richard R. Pyves. A Rear Gunner’s story of love, courage, and hope in WWII as well his life afterwards, living as a sufferer of PTSD.





DSC_0070Aerodromes of fighter Command Then and Now by Robin L. Brooks. The activities of over 90 airfields are described and illustrated in a Then and Now format.





DSC_0069UK Airfields of the Ninth Then and Now by Roger A. Freeman. Exploring the airfields used by the US Ninth Air Force in the UK.





DSC_0071Order of Battle- Western Allied Forces of WWII by Michael E. Haskew. Describes detailed orders of battle of every major Allied Army in the Western European and Mediterranean theatres in WWII.





DSC_0072Order of Battle- German Luftwaffe in WWII by Chris McNab. Offers a detailed, authoritative guide to the organization of Germany’s Air Force during WWII.