This coming week, April 15th – 21st marks National Volunteer Week in Canada.  This year the theme is “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering“.

I sent out an invitation to the volunteers at the Museum to write a bit about the theme, and was astounded at how many quickly responded.  Over the next few days, you’ll meet them and “hear” their voices…




First, let me introduce myself ~ I’m Val, a volunteer at the Comox Air Force Museum and coordinator of our website.  I first visited the Museum in the spring of 2013, looking for information about my Dad, who had been stationed at the Comox Base toward the end of WWII.  Having recently moved to the Comox area, I thought it would be interesting to check out the museum to see if I could “find him”.  And that is when I became acquainted with the incredible volunteers who work to save and tell many important stories.  Each time I went into the museum, they helped me with my research, and along the way, helped acquaint me with the commitment and dedication they bring to their work.  So, when I was deciding how I wanted to volunteer my time in my new community, it’s no surprise that I decided to give of my time at the Museum, working alongside the other volunteers I was coming to know even better.  I’ve been volunteering here at the Museum for the past five years now, and value the friendships I’ve forged, the variety of ways in which I’ve been able to contribute as an individual as well as part of a team.  I value the level of commitment my fellow volunteers demonstrate on a daily basis,  I value learning new things on a daily basis.  And finally, I value the significance of our Comox Air Force Museum.




This is Bill.  He is a past president of our Museum Association, and enjoys greeting guests as they come into the Museum.  Bill believes that, “There are many reasons for volunteering.  You are ordered out of the house because you are in the way.  Or, ‘someone’ may make the suggestion to catch up on ‘honey’ chores.  But if you continue to volunteer it must be because you get more out of it than you put in.  Sharing a common goal, camaraderie, the opportunity to meet citizens from around the world.  In other words, a pride in what your organization does and a continuing belief in wanting to show and share that with others.  Volunteering is fun.”





Lynda helps care for the gardens in our Heritage Air Park, cares for the planters outside our Museum, and works with the Heritage Stone Maintenance Team.  She thinks that volunteering is,”a chance to show off your skills, looks good on your resume and can often lead to employment – maybe even your dream job.”