The coming week has been declared “National Volunteer Week” and it’s rather fitting that we honoured our Museum Volunteers at the recent Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association AGM on April 4th.  During the meeting, we celebrated the many contributions of our volunteers.  It might interest you to know that our volunteers do a number of things to maintain the high quality of our Museum:

  1.  The Collections Management Committee meets monthly to work with the many donations brought in.
  2.  Many volunteers work in the Gift Shop, welcoming visitors and helping them with their purchases.
  3.  We are involved in display construction and development.
  4.  We work in the Library and assist with research.
  5.  We work in the archives and process photographs.
  6.  We administer our website and contribute posts to the site.
  7.  We maintain our presence on Facebook.
  8.  We staff events such as the Cumberland Heritage Fair..
  9.  We work on the Heritage Maintenance Team, working on our heritage vehicles and aircraft.
  10.  We participate on the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association Board.

In the past year, we contributed well over 11,000 hours!  And we get so involved with what we’re doing we don’t always record our hours!

In addition to celebrating the volunteers, this year, some of our members received special recognition along with our admiration and thanks.

Alex Boyko


Alex received his five year pin.  Alex gives of his time in the Gift Shop.









Three people received their ten year pins:


Gary Wiffen


Gary helps in the Gift Shop.









Steve McNamee


Steve volunteers in the Gift Shop.









Keith Kent



Keith works as part of the Heritage Maintenance Team.  You might recall the work he did on our Technical Library.








One of our retiring Board of Directors members, Dennis Dupuis, received his 20 year pin.  Thanks for your commitment as a Board member, Dennis!






Two of our volunteers have given of their time to the Museum for the past 25 years!  Norton Kennedy volunteers with the Heritage Maintenance Team.  Allison Hetman is our Museum’s Librarian.  In addition to their pins, they were thanked for their long time service and were presented with certificates of recognition along with gift certificates.  Thank you both so much!


Three of our volunteers were unable to attend our meeting to receive their pins: Teresa Webber (5 years) and Rodney Jones (10 years).  Also, Terry Chester was given his 15 year pin.

The final acknowledgment of the evening was of Bill Cuell.  Jon Ambler, Programme Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, on behalf of the Association, made a presentation to Bill Cuell, upon his retirement from the Board. In part, Jon said, “Bill Cuell joined the Comox Air Force Museum as a volunteer in 2004. Over the past 13 years he has been a most dependable and consistent participant in all Museum activities.

He has staffed the Front Desk and Gift Shop one or two days a week, year in year out. He joined the Board of the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association (“friends of the Museum”) in 2007 and has been a very active Member of the Board for ten full years. During the 2009 Centennial of Flight Dinner he was a key contributor to its huge success: both as a commemorative event and a much-needed fund-raiser.

Elected President for a two year term in 2013, he willingly served until 2017.

His Presidential term was most successful due to his calm leadership, innovative fund-raising ideas, ability to foster teamwork, recruit and train new members, and his real love of history.”





We are proud of the work we do, the contributions we’ve made, and love to spend time together at the Museum.  Come in for a visit and meet us!