Our Museum Volunteer Coordinator, Jon Ambler celebrated the historic Gala Dinner as a “… complete and spectacular success, and Comox Air Force Museum volunteers made a variety of vital contributions.



The Heritage Maintenance Team created/modified a tow bar that can be used to move the Spitfire.

In the Library, a group of folks, including Sam Jeffers and Mike Owen collated and assembled the programs.

Thanks go out to the reception centre team: Mike and Dove Hendren, Val and David Wilson, Miriam Juniper, Bill Cuell, Geoff Plant, Keith Kent, Bobbi Howard-Muir, Camille Douglas and Steve McNamee.

Particular thanks to the Popkin-Adams family: Carol, Lucie, and Tyko, who ran the Help Desk; they were very busy.

Like any of our Museum successes it was a real team effort, and I am very proud of what our team of volunteers did for this event. ¬†Thanks!!!!!!”

Here are three photos of the Y2K Spitfire taken by Carol at the Gala: