Jon Ambler, the Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Comox Air Force Museum, recently honoured two of our volunteers who are leaving us.  This is his presentation to the two special ladies,

“Good byes… In the demographic of our population of volunteers, folks leave us for a variety of reasons: they want time to do less, tired of what we do here, illness or infirmity of them or their family, or even, sadly, the final departure.  This year, we are saying goodbye to two volunteers for what is, for us, a rare reason.  They are married to Canadian Forces members and are being posted away.

On the other hand, the Air Force switches out around 25% of the work forces every summer, so they are no stranger to this process.  They have a tradition of the mugout, in which they gather to share anecdotes and say farewell to members posted away.

On behalf of the Association, it is my pleasure to mugout two volunteers.



Augustina Frederiksen ~  Augustina joined the team two years ago.  She started like many volunteers do at the Front Desk where she quickly settled in.  No shrinking violet, she was very at ease greeting our guests.  She has a creative flair and took the initiative to re-organise  the display cases; time and again the gift shop took on a fresh look due to her efforts.

A university-level track star, she has been involved in teaching girls track here in the Comox Valley.  This is a huge contribution because the confidence and self-esteem that comes from sports is often exactly what teenagers need.  Furthermore, we all knew that if Augustina didn’t like it here she could run away, and nobody could catch her!

A natural leader, she served on the Board of Directors of the Comox Military Family Resource Centre, subsequently becoming president.  She approached this very important volunteer duty with her customary drive and focus.  She led them through significant changes, leaving every member of the organization with a fresh understanding of their responsibilities.

She and Erik are off to Ottawa this summer; we wish them every success in the big city!




Corrine Bainard ~ I remember it like it was yesterday.  In 2011, Corrine and I sat down in the Library.  She told me she was a stay at home Mom, kids grown up, seeking to do something herself, learn new skills, contribute, and to grow as a person.  I encouraged her to join our family, and find out what she liked to do, and what she would like to learn.  She agreed.

Fast forward five years; oh boy, did she get involved!  It might be easier to list what she didn’t get involved in!  Corrine was involved in display design in the Main Gallery, Collections Management, Archives (both documents and photographs), Website (a real leader in this area), twice volunteered to OPI the Heritage Fair in Cumberland, assisted me in doing a workshop on Denman Island, attended OMMC.  Her efforts were recognized with the presentation of the 2014 Spirit of the Volunteer Award.

Corrine is an excellent example of the mutual benefits of the volunteer experience.  She and David are off to Cold Lake this summer.  I am sure that her experience and knowledge gained here will be most useful up there.”

MUGOUT, Augustina and Corrine!  You will both be missed!