Merry Christmas everyone!  Our Comox Air Force Museum Website has a special gift for you!

You are now able to subscribe, via your email, to our website postings as they’re published.  In order to do this, first log in to our Museum website:  This will bring you to our homepage.  On the left hand side, you’ll see an orange-red box in which you record your email address.  Then click the “sign up” button.  This takes you to a confirmation “page”; complete what’s there and submit. You’re done!

Each time a new post is published, you’ll receive an email in your inbox titled Comox Air Force Museum.  Open it and be sure to highlight/click the blue section that says “display images below”.  This will bring up the post in its entirety, including all photos.  This works well on your computer or on your tablet!

It may be that some of your acquaintances don’t use Facebook as you do, but are interested in tracking our “Museum Life”.  This is a way they can do this comfortably.  We hope that you will share this with your family and friends who might want to track us!!  This is a wonderful way for more people to visit our special building and the work we do from their home, here, or across the country, or from other countries!

Wishing you all a happy holiday!