It’s my pleasure to introduce our two youngest volunteers.  They originally came in with their mom, Carol, who volunteers on Thursday mornings.  At the time I met them, they were homeschooled and did some school assignments while their mom worked on her volunteer tasks.  They quickly discovered that when their school work was finished, they could help in the Museum; they helped organize and label photo albums, an ongoing task.  As summer approached, their thoughts went to Thursday mornings and what more they could contribute.  You see, they love the Museum!  They like the volunteers in the building, saying, “They’re kind and funny.”  Well, we like them too!

Let’s meet them!



This is Tyko.  He’s 12 years old, an air cadet, and in addition to using the flight simulator in the Library, is interested in writing.  Tyko’s going to contribute some posts this summer.  This young man has some interesting topics in mind!






This is Lucie.  She’s 10 1/2 years old and in addition to using the flight simulator in the Library, is a talented young artist, interested in drawing; she especially likes to depict landscapes, vehicles, and aircraft.  This young lady is going to contribute some of her drawings to our website this summer!



We hope that you’ll follow Tyko and Lucie’s series.  It’s always good to see the world through the eyes of our youth!  Thanks, Tyko and Lucie for volunteering to contribute!