IMG_0889I’d like to introduce you to Norm, the author of the posts about W/C John MacKay.  Norm has been a volunteer in our Museum for the past two years.  He joined us out of a keen interest in military history, and with being retired, he was looking for a place where he could be useful.  Norm loves being in the Main Gallery of the Museum, showing visitors around, and sharing history. He always has something more to add to the gallery experience, including the creation of a Kids’ Quiz.

We shouldn’t be surprised… Norm worked with Air Canada for almost 30 years.  When he left the company, he started his own company as a tour consultant.  As a result of both life experiences, Norm has travelled extensively throughout the world.  He talked with me in detail about visits to two concentration camps; as he did, I could feel the impact those visits would have had…

Norm volunteers in his home community, Qualicum, along with his wife, Dorothy, another Museum volunteer.  They have helped with Museum events such as Canada Day celebrations in Courtenay and the Comox Air Show.

He’s a keen researcher and story teller.  Check out previous posts he’s written about Bobby Waters, Ted Socha, and W/C John MacKay.


We invite you to come into the Museum Thursdays to meet Norm in person and to spend some time with this military history enthusiast!Norm