Today is International Museum Day.  Part of this year’s theme is “Museums as Cultural Hubs”.  I asked Carol, our Museum’s Program Manager, to reflect on how our Museum, a military museum, could be considered a cultural hub.

“We are a neighbourhood of learning for both military and civilian groups. From preschool groups to serving members, veterans and local seniors clubs we can build bridges for interaction and sharing of cultures.

By looking at our past, opportunities arise to discuss contemporary social issues and conflict that can capture all age groups. Talks revolving around Peacekeeping can lead to discussions of moral dilemma, the Cold War forces you to see both sides of the story and propaganda during the World Wars from both the Allies and Axis teaches us to question media today.

We are a place to share memories and celebrate the human spirit in times of great turmoil and challenges.”

Carol gave me a lot to think about…  And you?  Now it’s your turn!  How might you answer that question, “How could the Comox Air Force Museum be considered a cultural hub?”  Email us at; let us know if we can share your response with our readers.