One of the many reasons I like the posting from the Museum of Flight which is situated in south Seattle is the varied programs they constantly have.  It’s not just the latest aircraft or related exhibitions that are available but also the different programs and talks that are put on from time to time.  The newsletter that comes has something for everyone and for all ages.  The museum is not just about aircraft but also the space program.  Having astronauts speaking on a number of subjects from time to time makes it all that more interesting.  If you decide you want to take the time to explore this museum you definitely need a full day.  One of the other interesting aspects about the museum is that they have a terrific section on boats.  Boeing who is the key figure at the museum was in the boat business before aircraft and they have a separate section with a make up of the workshop they used during that time period.


A must see for anyone who likes aircraft and might be travelling in the Seattle area in the future. You can get on their email list by simply logging on to the

Randy Komar, CAFM volunteer