Today, our Deputy Director, Mike O’Rourke, shares a post about our Main Gallery’s Exhibit, the Japanese Balloon Bomb.

“During World War II the Japanese created a balloon that could be launched from Japan and float across the pacific with the jet stream and drop explosive and incendiary bombs in North America. Over 9000 balloon bombs were launched but approximately 100 are identified to have landed in Canada. Overall this was an unsuccessful and little known operation.

The Comox Air Force Museum has been given on loan from the Canadian War Museum one of these found ballast balloons. We have recently updated our display by adding some of the missing components so that it has the appearance of a realistic balloon complete with bombs, sandbags and operating components. To enhance the overall appearance we have also built a new display case and updated graphics highlighting this interesting part of our west coast history.






To get the whole story of the Japanese Balloon Bomb and see this amazing display you will have to visit the Comox Air Force Museum and let one of our knowledgeable volunteers assist with questions and further information.”