IMG_0889 Hello, I’m Val, a new volunteer at the Comox Air Force Museum.  I first visited the museum last May, looking for information about my Dad, who had been stationed at the Comox Base toward the end of WWII.  Having recently moved to the Comox area, I thought it would be interesting to check out the museum to see if I could “find him”.  And that is when I became acquainted with the incredible volunteers who work to save and tell the many important stories.  Each time I went into the museum, they helped me with my research, and along the way, helped acquaint me with the commitment and dedication they bring to their work.  So, when I was deciding how I wanted to volunteer my time in my new community, it’s no surprise that I wanted to give of my time at the Museum, working alongside the other volunteers I’m coming to know even better. Known as the Cupcake Lady, I work in the Library, and recently, while sorting through our archive files, discovered something very special that launched me on a new piece of research!