Don’t let the title of this book fool you!  It’s an emotional roller coaster!

Written by Nano Pennefather-McConnell, We Never Stopped Dancing is referred to as an Airwoman’s Scrapbook.  Beginning her time in Canada, she writes, “My ebullient mood was shattered a few days later.  The news flashed around the station.  A Bolingbroke training bomber had crashed into Lake Erie.  There were no survivors.  I was told to come back to the office after supper, to send telegrams to the next-of-kin.  I felt numb. The plane had crashed while practice bombing.  I finally understood why the airmen called the Bolingbrokes ‘flying coffins’.”

She later posted for Great Britain.  Upon arrival, “The bombed-out streets of London looked familiar from all the pictures we have seen.  The difference, of course, was that now we were inside the picture, and the damaged buildings were all around us.  When we got to our rooms we were given the day off… we saw a few of the sights and then headed for the Beaver Club where we were welcomed with open arms.  Two boys stopped us and said, ‘Say something in Canadian for us, girls.’  The Beaver Club was a place where Canadians in London congregated to meet friends from home.  We couldn’t wait to go… In the days ahead, I was to meet some of the men in No. 4 Canadian Hospital who had returned from Dieppe.  It would be the first time I had met anyone who had been directly involved with the enemy.  I was not prepared for the bitterness and resentment expressed by some of these men…”