German Flying Helmet-1Yesterday CAFM held an Info Session for members. Jon Ambler started out by giving an the members a report on the feedback we have been getting from the visitors which has been very positive. He thenwent on to the main report.

In the museum itself, the upgrades to the WWI exhibit are almost completed. Two of the three exhibits, including the Breadner Helmet, have been installed. By the end of July, Don Smith, our exhibit designer, should have the 443 Sqn panels installed, the HMCS Vancouver model will be installed, as well as a mannequin dressed in full Sea King garb posed hanging from a cable winch system. This exhibit will fill a gap in our explanation of 19 Wing’s missions. There will be a delay in receiving the model of the Cyclone Helicopter.

For the Library, Mel Birne has donated an Atlas, which despite our having an abundance of research books, we did not have. Don Brennan is working to complete an Information Guide to the Air Park which will contain all the information for all the planes in one handy guide. The work is being done in a digital format, and the information will be used to create new signs for the Air Park. New carpets are being considered.

Geoff Plant has been hard at work to reduce the size of our Magazine Collection to the most rare and interesting volumes, in order to make room for new displays. A new magazine display case has been added to the Museum, holding rare magazines that should be seen but not handled by the public.

The 104 has returned to the Air Park after refurbishment. The new paint colours reflect the Colour Bird created in Cold Lake for the final flight of the 104. There are still finishing touches to be completed, but should be finished soon. The next plane to be refurbished will be the Tracker and the museum will be in line to receive an Aurora in 2015, and a Sea King in the coming years.

The T-33 Cockpit Trainer, installed next to the museum will have parts from control panel from the T-33 in the Air Park. These Tbird CPTparts are not able to be seen from the ground and, once installed into the Trainer,will give the visitor a more complete idea of what the inside of a T-33 looks like. WO Mike Barnucz will be coordinating the work, as well as the building of a shelter canopy and steps.

407 Sqn will be in the Air Park on Friday to wash the Argus. Museum staff will be on site to support the Sqn while they do all the hard work. Every year the great people at the Sqn take the time to support the Museum by helping us with this maintenance and we are extremely grateful for their help.

1945 Willys MB Jeep

1945 Willys MB Jeep

The Heritage Vehicles were featured in the Empire Days Parade in Cumberland, where they won an award. Cumberland really looks like a WWI era village, which was the perfect backdrop for these beautiful Heritage Vehicles. They will also feature in the Parade on Canada Day and will be on public display at Lewis Park at the CAFM booth.

Bill Cuell then gave the Association Report. New benches for outside the Museum and for the Heritage Air Park were purchased and look great and ironically the bench that was to be replaced was sold for five dollars at the garage sale. The garage sale was a great success raising about 1350.oo, one of the best results we’ve had.

Dennis Dupuis will be the OPI for the booth and display in Lewis Park on Canada Day. Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down, as well as manning the booth.

There are a total of 11 new Heritage Stones to be dedicated at this years Heritage Stone Dedication, held on Sept. 21, Battle of Britain Day. We encourage the volunteers to come to the ceremony which is held in the church across from the Air Park.

Mike Hendren is overseeing the new racks for the Heritage Stones. The new racks which hold 25 stones each, will be slightly delayed.

For the past three years the Association has sponsored a volunteer to attend the annual OMMC conference. This year the

Capt. Lynn Barley

Capt. Lynn Barley

Association sponsored Corrine Bainard for the trip to OMMC, along with Capt. Lynn Barley and Don Manley.

Capt. Barley gave an overview of the trip and outlined the direction of Op Distinction- the federal government’s initiative to create more interest around Canadian historical events, including Military Heritage. Lynn then spoke of the training portion and showed off the conservation techniques learned during the practicum portion and reaffirmed the importance of the networking aspects surrounding the conference.

Jon then informed the volunteers of the plans for the Spitfire Hangar. Once the Spitfire is packed up and sent off to Gatineau, somewhere around the end of July beginning of August, a Transition Working Group will coordinate the move of the Heritage Vehicles, Irv Fraser’s workshop, and the equipment from the T-33 hangar. This should be completed by March 2015. Until the Spitfire goes to Gatineau tours will continue as normal until the end of July. Once the vehicles are installed, tours will be coordinated to see them in the same manner as the Spitfire Tours.

The Volunteer schedule needs to be rebalanced as there is only one person working on Saturday. We are looking for someone to work a 1/2 day on Saturdays.

Jon has been giving very entertaining tours of the museum for years and has offered to train volunteers to give tours and lectures. We hope to expand the training into a docent program, but for now anyone interested in learning how to give tours should let Jon know.