We all know how men don’t like to admit they get lost? Especially when they didn’t follow or ask for directions. According to Jon Ambler “As long as I have fuel, I ‘m not lost”. Brian’s thought on the subject “I don’t get lost. It’s the GPS”. Why is that? Why is it when we hear about rescue missions, it almost always involve saving MEN. search&rescue

Women would you believe that issue isn’t new? The RCAF Search & Rescue handbook printed in Ottawa 1967 (72)- Roger Duhamel, F.R.S.C. Queen’s Printer and Controller of Stationery- addressed this issue. Page 15; Section IV . So women, do we get lost? Corrine admitted the impossible “I get lost all the time. But I stop and look at the map”. Allison’s response is” Not really, I follow the directions. If I need help I pull over to the first shop and ask the owner”.

So men, women, what are your thoughts.

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